Camera Service Group purchases the new Astera Led

Camera Service Group now carries the brand new Astra AX1 Wireless Pixeltube baton. Pixeltube batons have 8 RGBW 28 W LEDs with a 180 ° beam angle. The AX1 Astera LEDs can be used for events, movies, advertising and video clips. They are designed to illuminate people and objects or create indirect lighting effects. PixelTube is a highly creative device that offers an infinite range of possibilities. They can be mounted anywhere thanks to the wireless system that allows you to control them remotely. The accessories allow you to place them anywhere and get any type of lighting you want. Thanks to the App Control you can adjust the RGB range. For more complex jobs you can attach them to a Dmx Console and work according to your photographic needs. The Astera Pixeltube LEDs will be available at Camera Service Group offices in Milan, Rome and Bari starting in March 2019.